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Development planning and injecting financial assistance in the form of development programmes in last few
decades have made the rural poor dependent on external agencies rather than self reliant. This has happened
because the rural and tribal poor have been kept away from participating in the local area development decision making and planning process. With the implementation of a large number of development programmes, the rural & tribal poor are well convinced that the government has been thanking for them and it will continue to do so in the years to come. The grass root democracy and grass root planning process is being clutched by government bureaucracy mechanism. All the development made by government department has not properly benefited to the rural villagers. 73rd & 74th Amendment Act of Panchayat raj system envisages more power to the grass root democracy but it has been under the purview of the government departmental heads. PRIs are not playing pro active role in planning process and voices of poor have not been alerting before the administration. To revert the scenario THREAD a international level organisation endeavour towards an approach to address the situation through the women organisations formed by THREAD.