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Siddharthvillage, THREAD supports Orissa indigenous people’s organizations. We have initiated 54 tribal women’s organizations all over Odisha State and have a state level network of indigenous people’s organization called Orissa Nari Samaj (google search for news paper clippings of their action). Last three years we are involved in conducting Ecovillage Design Education of Gaia Education certified for Indigenous groups of these organizations to provide human resource support for these organizations. Siddharthvillage provide the EDE course mostly through hands on experience and whole land is cultivated through organic farming. Permaculture principles are learnt by the students through hands on experience and demonstration.

Indigenous are very poor and so we have to work voluntarily and raise money for their food and accommodation for conducting ede course. We intend to become self sufficiency atleast partially in having staple food of rice for these courses which are conducted every year for 25-30 youth and for various other meetings for around 100 women leaders of the organsiations every year. We would like to make use of natural resource of rivulet  located near siddharthvillage and tap the water to demonstrate Systematic Rice Intensification Method and train students and demonstrate for 54 tribal women’s organsiations to replicate in their own respective areas spread all over Orissa. Thus all through the year the land could be cultivated with out depending on rain alone.

  • three acres of land is transformed into paddy field which was only a rainfed land sofar using the rivulet water by installing 10 Hp motor and constructing pump house.
  • Every year minimum of 25-30 indigenous students  learn SRI method of cultivation.
  • Rice cultivated from this will be used for consumption byEDE students and thus reduce the cost of the course by becoming self sufficient.
  • 54 women organization leaders of Odisha are exposed to SRI method of cultivation and replicate in their own villages.
  • visitors to siddharth eco village will be exposed to permaculture principles and techniques
  • self sufficiency in providing staple food RICE for the students to go through EDE course.