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This project has trained 25 youth especially girls school drop outs of indigenous people in masonry training and ecological brick making and engage them through indigenous women’s organisations to take up contract with Govt. to construct social welfare programme infrastructure with ecological ethics.

It has trained 25 youth mostly girls in masonry training which will be integrated with eco village design education for four weeks.  After the practical training, the students will form their own team under the tribal women’s organisations (registered) and take up all the contracts of construction of infrastructure for social welfare programmes of govt. of Odisha.

The training inculcated and strengthened the tribal values which are eroding at present due to different understanding of development paradigm.

The trained indigenous students, who have no other go in life, will have skill to make ecological bricks which does not require to be burnt and it is insulated by nature.  They will form the team to take up contracts from govt. to construct social welfare programme infrastructures which are normally taken up by middle men from cities. Besides, the project plans to empower women to become mason instead of only load bearer in any construction. Thus it serves the objectives of training people in practice of social and economic justice.

The construction of houses in the local villages will have with block bricks. As the block bricks require no burning, the trees are not cut and environment is maintained.

The students also will be equipped with other knowledge and practice of permaculture, and social dimension sothat they will support the tribal women’s organisations to become sustainable for tapping resources from govt. programmes.

A block making brick machine will be donated to the students to start their venture in the local areas after the training.