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09 May, 2016
Kakiriguma, Koraput, Odisha,
Date: 09 May, 2016
Location: Kakiriguma, Koraput, Odisha,

Village Market turns a class room –novel demo on climate change

Koraput youth creats awareness in the kakiriguma village market on  Global Warming in a novel way. Armed with various posters on peak oil and Global warming,  the students of ecovillage design education organised public demonstration educating the villagers the ill effect  of   climate change especially for next generation.   Pinpointing  the unprecedented increase of heat souring over 40 degree Celsius this year, these indigenous boys and girls,  explained the need for alternate way of living, going back to tribal tradition of respecting nature and warned the villagers  not to be tempted by the new paradigm of development preached and promoted  at present which affect nature of   the land , water, air and forest.

The  indigenous students who are trained by siddharthvillage prepared the sides of the road nearly a kilometre  by digging pits for planting trees during rainy season.   Explaining the reaction of the nature due to cutting of trees and denuding forest by people and corporate in the area, they educated the public  the need for planting trees in all possible places to beat the heat .