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Thread envisages a society based on values of equity, happiness, justice, peace, self-reliance and sustainability, where:

  • The individual discovers the self and evolves;
  • The community cares and shares its all with all;
  • The nature is nurtured
    And, all three live in a harmonious and symbiotic relationship.

To bring about social transformation through a value based peoples’ movement

  • By generating genuine love, concern and care within the individual, spreading it to the community and nature,
  • Protecting human rights and the environment
  • Careful use of nature’s wealth


  • Socially Excluded Groups are Prime target groups in our programme and perspective

  • Ensure Eco friendly Natural Resource Management by the local people and their Institutions.

  • Commitment to facilitate changes in the lives of the rural poor through social transformation.

  • Unbiased attitude towards all the members of the partner communities irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion, ethnicity, disability and geographic location

  • Empathy in our approach and behaviour to the members of the partner community

  • Neutrality from any religious or political affiliation.

  • Honesty and accountability in retaining transparency at all levels.

  • Honor and mutual respect with recognition to the traditional knowledge system and practices.


  • Pro Poor Approach towards development perspective and sustainable approach of strengthening grass root democracy.

  • Holistic approach towards all round and sustainable development with prime focus on eco friendly natural resource management without degradation of local environment.

  • Participatory approach in planning, monitoring, executing and evaluating the programme.

  • Need based approach to evolve the project and programme with prime motto of people centric development.

  • Approach towards social transformation by which the community and community based organization.

The program strategy that we set out to carry forward has several perceptions for the smooth working of our organization. It demands continuing efforts to develop and strengthen systems and procedures that reflect our mandate of community participation, transparency and accountability with the process of community empowerment. It is a matter of fact that faulty management of natural resources is the root cause of most of our development problems. We do believe that the existing practices of managing our natural resources must change towards a wider spectrum of community participation. A set of three objectives guides the organization effectiveness:

  • Assist local people to assert their right over local natural resources.

  • Assist local people to utilize traditional knowledge and techniques to manage and develop all local natural resources

  • Assist local people to form their organization by enhancing their capabilities for protection, management and sustainable utilization of local natural resources


  • Creating awareness among masses of the people about their social, economic and political rights and associated responsibilities.

  • Documenting, collating and disseminating information and analysis on specific development issues, policies and programs.

  • Building and nurturing CBOs to undertake various issues of substantial community interest

  • Motivating, nurturing and educating traditional village/ community institutions for social, cultural and economic transformation of the society they live in.

  • Develop and wide spread eco village development concept to combat the natural and manmade disasters and climate change impact.

  • Social and economic empowerment of women to make them equal partners in development process and decision-making.

  • Educating, empowering and motivating the community organizations, traditional institutions and people at large to ensure qualitative human and honest governance at the grass root level.

  • Advocating, Campaigning, motivating and educating the PRI and women organizations networks to ensure improved participatory governance, pro poor favourable government policies at grass root level.

  • Build alliance of networks at state, national and international level on various issues and concerns like global warming and Climate Change.

To appreciate the organization objectives, we have intervened in multi-sectoral activities with the partner communities to comprehend the wider objective of community empowerment and food and livelihood security for the vulnerable and socially excluded people.